Fix You // fancyatripinmysexytardis

Sherlock wasn’t certain, really, how he’d been injured. Things had happened so quickly, as he attempted to dodge behind the Doctor, who moved nimbly and fast between objects in a way Sherlock couldn’t. He didn’t know what had hit him, only that he felt searing pain through his side, and when they tumbled back into the TARDIS, He felt blood trickling down his side underneath his clothes.

The Doctor jumped up immediately to get them out of there, and Sherlock pulled his jacket over the wound (which he wasn’t certain the seriousness of), and crawled to his feet, leaning on the railing. He took several deep breaths, and wiped at the sweat on his brow.

Sherlock held onto the rail as the TARDIS shook.

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    The Doctor laughed lightly and leaned forward even though his side protested a bit, kissing Sherlock as if it were as...
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    Sherlock quirked his mouth slightly, and moved his head to get away from the Doctor’s fingers under his chin. He wet his...